Do you romanticize about the future?

If you think about the future and settling on the planet Mars? Space is unlimited and for everybody regardless of nationalities and personal or demographic differences What a life on Mars would look like? Will countries compete over the Martian territories?

Why Invest in Space Now?

Although space remains a magical place for most of us, it’s ultimately just another place for doing business. Today, the space economy is worth $420 billion, with commercial space revenue representing 79 percent of total space activities. If the space economy is nearly a half trillion-dollar business, how much bigger will it get? Bank of America says the commercial space market will hit $1.4 trillion by 2030. Why is the space economy growing so rapidly?

First, the new space economy is decentralized, entrepreneurial, accessible, and diversified — it includes players across industries. Second, we are witnessing an explosion in the…

In a growing space economy with multiple companies vying for literal space in multi-billion-dollar ventures, every detail counts. Investors and students alike are wondering: what are space suits made of? Even more significantly: how have they changed?

The modern space race is not the same as it used to be. Rather than racing countries, this is a race for manufacturing dominance between private ventures, a test of research and development. Spacesuits have undergone major innovations, perhaps the first in decades. They are emblems of the change from government-run space programs to the competitive layered markets of the modern space race.

The target of practical and experimental space travel in the 21st century is destination: Mars. We’ve been dreaming of the red planet since we invented a God of War to explain its violent color. Since sending the Rover, we’ve been even more curious about pressing our boots into the red dust and seeing what secrets it holds. The possibilities for scientific advancement and sci-fi stories are both endless with what we can learn from the wind and rock of the red planet.

But what would happen if Mars suddenly vanished? All that ambition and discovery, just gone. That’s a deceptively…

Landing on the Moon in 1969 was the culmination of a lot of human dreams. We’d been stargazing for millennia imagining what it would be like to meet the moon goddess and walk on her surface. The next natural jump for our dreams was to land on Mars. The rover missions showed us it was possible, but when will it finally happen?

Living on Mars is a complicated goal with an even more complicated timeline. We ask how soon it could happen to show a few of the problems stopping us. This is our best guess of when we’ll finally be down in the red dust, trying to figure out how to survive on what will hopefully become Earth-2.

Why we should go to Mars

In a seemingly infinite universe surely there are places that human beings would be interested in exploring from the edges of the milky way to the andromeda galaxy, the possibilities are infinite. So why all of the focus on Mars?

Well, Mars actually…


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